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About Buddha Prakash

At Buddha Prakash Foundation, we aspire to make the Buddha's teachings easily accessible to all. To make the best use of these teachings, one must be able to relate to them in everyday life. Buddha Prakash's vision is to present the essence of these timeless teachings in a way that modern men and women can learn, understand, and know for themselves.

Only by directly knowing the true essence of oneself--which is at the heart of the Buddha's teaching--can one truly connect to others. Such connections will be healthy, positive, constructive, non-possessive, and non-imposing. Such healthy connections with oneself and others will free us from innumerable problems that are simply unnecessary.

Ways to Support

You can support the works of Buddha Prakash through voluntary donations (dana) or by engaging with us in positive and constructive ways. These include volunteering for us, joining us as an intern if you are a student of Buddhist studies, joining our team as an employee if your skills and aspirations fit our needs, or simply providing helpful feedback and recommendations. You are welcome to write to info@buddhaprakash.org

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