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What is it all about?

What does it mean to come to the Dharma?

“Coming to the Dharma is no problem. You can come from anger, you can come from jealousy, you can come from woundedness, you can come from fear. You can come from anywhere.

Once you come, then you have to be open. You cannot hold on to one thing. You have to be open-minded.

I really like to see ‘intelligent guts.’ Not ‘stupid guts.’ Guts come out of many things.

Sometimes, you cannot experience guts because you make such importance of your life. You say, ‘I cannot do this. This is so special. THAT I cannot do. THIS I cannot do. If I do this, I will lose this. If I do this, I cannot do that.’

So it’s like there’s so much preciousness in your life. You want to preserve ‘me’ perfectly. But that’s not perfect.”

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A shift in perception

The Buddhist path to awakening transforms the way we see ourselves. Through the practice of meditation, we learn to examine our beliefs and assumptions and to explore our experiences in the present moment. This exploration leads to a profound shift in perspective as we begin to see the unlimited potential of the mind and the spacious, fluid nature of perception. (www.tergar.org)

Material-wise, the world has made much progress today. But what about the mind? It’s where we find Buddhism beneficial. Watch a video by Mingyur Rinpoche:


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