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Buddha is someone who has totally recognized his or her true nature–the Buddha nature–and has purified negativities, obscurations, sufferings, illusions, delusions, and everything like that. They have manifested all the enlightened qualities. At first, the Buddha was just like us, he had confusion, illusions, delusions, suffering, and problems. Then the Buddha developed bodhicitta and practiced the enlightened path. With that, the Buddha became the Buddha.

What are the qualities of the Buddha?

The first quality is purification. He has purified or eliminated all obscurations, illusions, delusions, etc. He is totally beyond concept: the concept of subject and object. He does not have the monkey mind problem that we have. His mind is beyond all the conceptual delusions or dualistic perceptions. He is beyond the illusion of the circle of Samsara; he is beyond this whole loop of being born, getting old, and dying—the circle is broken.

But it’s not just going beyond the loop, there is achievement and manifestation. Going beyond concepts is not just about being zombie-like and think: “I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know who I am because I don’t have the concept of subject and object. Instead, there is wisdom.

There are three enlightened qualities in the Buddha: boundless wisdom, boundless love and compassion, and boundless enlightened activity: power, activity, and skillful means to benefit all sentient beings.

– Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

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