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In 2017, three-game enthusiasts–Uday Gurung, Uttam Adhikari and Robin Sharma–developed a game named Haku Run. The game was based on the plot of the blockbuster Nepali movie, Loot 2. It was also the first game based on a Nepali movie.

The game garnered immense success and popularity; it went beyond the developer’s expectations.

Haku Run made them realise that Nepal does not have a gaming industry and people would love to play a game that has localised content. In just three days, the game had 10,000 downloads.

Looking at the success of their first game, the trio thought of doing something bigger that would promote the gaming culture all over the country. So, last year, they launched Ramailo Games, a “social gaming” platform in their bid to make the country recognised for its gaming culture also. They claim it as the one and only social gaming platform in Nepal.

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